Skirt Block Pattern Workshop

Skirt Block Pattern Workshop

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Ready to take the next step and learn how to create couture garments? 

Learn how to make a basic skirt block tailored to you. In this extensive 2hr workshop you'll learn how to draft a basic skirt block and waistband pattern based on your measurements, this will include proper positioning of waist darts, waistbands and zippers/enclosures. Your drafted block pattern will be attached to a cardboard backing for lasting durability.

Make and create endless outfits based off your very own personal block pattern.

What you'll learn:

  • How to accurately measure yourself and others 
  • Basics of block pattern construction
  • Positioning of waist darts
  • Types and placements of notions
  • Transferring custom markings to trace paper
  • How to make a front and back skirt block pattern
  • How to preserve your block pattern
  • Essential tools involved in creating your block
  • Basic construction of a waistband
  • Zippers and other enclosure types and placements
  • and more!

All course material is provided, this includes:

  • Trace paper
  • Stationary (pencils, erasers, markers etc)
  • French curve ruler and other essential rulers
  • Cardboard
  • Glue
  • and everything else

No experience necessary 

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