Patchwork Jacket Term (Block Pattern to Garment)

Patchwork Jacket Term (Block Pattern to Garment)

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With winter fast approaching, why not take advantage of our cosy studio and learn how to create your own custom patchwork jacket.

During the course of 10 weeks our skilled seamstress will guide you through the entire design process, starting with measuring and creating your own sleeve and bodice block pattern. You'll learn the importance of accurate measurements and how to create a well-fitted pattern.

We will then customize your block patterns and draft your first jacket toile. During this stage, you'll learn how to make necessary adjustments to your pattern to achieve your desired fit.

You'll learn about the different types of patchwork fabric and how to select the best one for your project. We will also cover the basics of patchwork and quilting fundamentals, including how to sew and cut your patchwork pieces.

Finally, we will sew and cut the toile pieces in preparation for garment creation. This is where the magic happens, and you'll see your custom patchwork jacket come to life. By the end of the term, you'll have a unique, one-of-a-kind jacket that you can wear with pride.

What you'll learn:

  • How to accurately measure yourself
  • Basics of block pattern construction
  • Types and placements of notions
  • Transferring custom markings to trace paper
  • How to make a front and back block pattern
  • How to make a sleeve block pattern
  • Patchwork and Quilting fundamentals
  • Working with bias binding
  • How to accurately cut and sew patchwork fabrics
  • Essential tools involved in creating your custom patchwork jacket
  • and more!

Required term material:

(please note the required term material isn't required until your 2nd lesson, we will discuss fabric, notion types and other required materials during your first lesson)
  • 5m bias binding
  • 2x fat quarter bundles or enough fabric to cover your jacket
  • 6 to 8 buttons based off your preference
  • 2m quilters backing or wadding (if using wadding you will need to purchase additional lining fabric)
  • 2m Calico or cheap/scrap fabric for your toile

All necessary materials for drafting your bodice and sleeve block pattern, such as trace paper, pens, and rulers, etc, will be provided by Sew Me School. A sewing machine is required for lessons, but not for your first lesson. You will be responsible for supplying your own sewing machine throughout the term.

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