Kids 4 Week Mini Term

Kids 4 Week Mini Term

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Learn how to sew!

Come and join us at Sew Me School of Fashion and Design for this sewing mini term for kids. They'll learn how to use a sewing machine, the basics of sewing and basic stitches. They chose their fabric print to make a fun and fabulous item with a sewing machine. They'll learn various useful life skills throughout the term that'll help your child develop into a mini fashion designer.

This class is suitable for children 8+. 1.5hr weekly lessons over 4 weeks.

At the end of this mini term your child can reenrol and begin in our kids courses to further develop their skills in fashion design and dressmaking, perfecting their already growing skills.

What they'll learn:

  • How to operate a sewing machine and how the different functions of the sewing machine work
  • How to sew a straight seam, curved seams and more
  • How to use other decorative stitches
  • How to edge seams so they don’t fray
  • How to hand stitch

All course material is provided, this includes:

  • Sewing machine rental
  • Fabric
  • Thread
  • Haberdashery
  • Sewing essentials (scissors, chalk, rulers, etc.)

If a student already has a sewing machine, they are encouraged to bring their own.

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